P.B Anchalik Mahavidyalaya

History of the department:

                 The department of Sanskrit of P.B.Anchalik Mahavidyal;aya was established in the year 2006. From the time of its establishment, the department is serving the needs of study in Sanskrit in the entire Paschim Barigog Mouza and a good numbers of students were enrolled in the department since its establishment. Till 2006, the department taught the discipline as a general subject (Pass course) and got permission and concurrence  in 2009. Since then, the department has produced graduates both in Honours and General course over the years. 

Now there are three full-time teachers in the department namely Dr. Ratul Sarma, Mr. Gokul Sarma and Mr. Binoy Sarma. In the Department of Sanskrit the college community opened a Departmental Library with almost 150 books for the better benefit of the stackholder.Many students of the Department are getting placements in various Govt. and Non Govt. sectors.

Vision and Mission of the department:

Sanskrit is called as the mother language of all the Indian languages. It has a good importance in the field of Indian culture and civilization. Without the knowledge of Sanskrit language we can’t able to develop our knowledge in the field of literature. The department of Sanskrit is trying to generate proper knowledge regarding Sanskrit language as per prescribed syllabus of the Gauhati University. Its vision and mission can be summed up as under:

Our Vision:

  • It tries  to pursue academic excellence in teaching, research and extension. 
  • Its aim is to impart quality education in the discipline and to communicate the attained knowledge with the practical life experiences. 
  • The department also tries to make students aware about the Importance  of Sanskrit language in our day to day life.
  • Understanding the nature and developments in state, national and international of Sanskrit language.

Our Mission

  • To develop knowledge of Sanskrit writing as well as speaking with special Classes or other methods.
  • To build overall consciousness regarding Sanskrit language and writing, international relations and present Indian and Western world. 
  • To provide a platform to the students to exhibit their talents and creativity.
  • To encourage self-evaluation and personality development
  • To equip the students with the knowledge of Sanskrit language  so that the students can seek jobs in public or private sector.