P.B Anchalik Mahavidyalaya


  1. The college offers Arabic department to meet the demand of the Locality.
  2. A minium collection of library books are accessible for meeting up the needs of the students.
  3. Sufficient land area for upgradation and expansion of infrastructure in near future.

5 .Healthy and disciplined examinations and evaluation system in the college.

  1. Sustainable eco-friendly environment.
  2. Availability of NSS Unit in the College. Students of Arabic Department are a part of the Unit.


 1 Out of  4 Assistant Professors only 2 numbers have come under the purview of provincialisation in 2013.  In 2021 another post was Provincialized as Tutor Assistant Professor. Unfortunately the forth post is yet to be Provincialized.    It is quite hard task to maintain the Department smoothly.

  1. Modern well arranged class rooms are to be constructed.
  2. Non-availability of own transport facility.
  3. Lack of residential facilities for the teaching and non-teaching staff.


  1. Scope for initiating income generated activities.
  2. For further Infrastructure development of Arabic Department, the college has sufficient land .
  3. Scope for opening PG classes in Arabic department.
  4. Scope for rural entrepreneurship development depending on local resources.



  1. Due to the poor economic condition of the Locality of the College jurisdiction, a large number of students of Arabic Department finished their study life without completing the course.
  2. The College is situated  in remote, rural, and flood affected area due to which most of the students belonging to rich family  are not interested in getting admission in Arabic Department.