P.B Anchalik Mahavidyalaya

History of the Department

The Paschim Barigog Anchalik Mahavidyalaya was established 13/08/1984 with 56 bighas of land to enlighten the students of greater locality. In 20/09/2012 the Honourable UGC recommended this college under 2(F) and 12(B). After a long period it comes under provincialisation w.e.f. 01-01-2013.

     Arabic Department was established in the year 1984 along with the establishment of the college. From the time of its establishment, the department is catering the needs of study in Arabic in the entire undivided Paschim Barigog Mauza and huge numbers of students were enrolled in the department since its establishment. Till 1984, the department taught the discipline as a general subject (Pass course) and got permanent affiliation in 27-11-2009. Arabic was introduced as a major subject in 17-08-1996 and got the affiliation (temporary) in 19-06-2009.  Since then, the department has produced a large nos. of graduates both in Major (Honours) and General course (Regular) over the years.

      At the time of the establishment, There was only one Lecturer who worked hard for the development of the department. The founder head of the department was Syed  Hafizul Islam. He  left the College in 30th June’ 1996. After his leaving  M. Khayruj Jaman was appointed as a Lecturer on 16-08-1996. He has been serving as Head of the Department since 16-08-1996 till date. Another faculty member Syed Atiquar Rahman was appointed as a lecturer on 1998. After a long period Syed Zehirul Islam was appointed as a Lecturer on 19 th August, 2006. After three years Mr. Nurul Hassan was appointed as a Lecturer against forth post of the Department. Now there are four full-time Faculty Members.

     At the time of provincialization only two posts of Faculty members were provincialised, namly M. Khayruj Jaman and Syed Atiquar Rahman. On the other hand the post of Syed Zehirul Islam come under the provincialization as Tutor Assistant Professor w.e.f. 01-01-2021. Unfortunately the post of Mr. Nurul Hassan yet to be provincialised. It has its own Departmental Library with almost 300 books. Many students of the Department are getting placements in various sectors, especially in teaching sector in various schools in different parts of Assam.