P.B Anchalik Mahavidyalaya

Credit and Grading

The theory paper will have one credit for each class of instruction in a semester. The activities include lectures, tutorials and other for internal evaluation. Every student must complete a minimum of 30 (thirty) Credit per week in a semester, this amounts to about 22.5 hours teaching per week

Subject Offered In TDC Semester (ARTS) System




Ref 2nd Subsidiary E-102 and 202

  •  In the case of MIL/Alt.Eng, Students with language Major will take a 
  • subject / language other than the one in which He / She is Majoring e.g.
    An English Major Student can opt for another language course or take
    another subject similarly a Hindi Major Student may take another subject
    or Alt English or another language.
  •  Students
    with English Major, with ref to English I & English II in the 1st
    & 2nd Semester ( 1st yr ), will take an English Paper different from
    the one taken by students of other subjects.
Total Marks 1. Major 200 Marks Credit 6
1. Major 200 Marks Credit 6
2. First Subsidiary 75 Marks Credit 6
3. Second Subsidiary 75 Marks Credit 6
4. English I 50 Marks Credit 4
Total Credit   32